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QuarterBound Press clients include Ford Motor Company, XEROX, and Kodak. The QuarterBound Press portfolio includes PDF products, television, outdoor advertising, print, branding, book design services, image restorations, and RoboHelp systems.


QuarterBound Press relies on our customers to tell their stories and experiences so you can make a decision about working with us. Please click the image to the left to see what our customers have to say about Quarter Bound Press.


The Adobe suite of tools provides color management, vector tools and much more to develop and manage ideas for clients. Branding begins with customer ideas, sketches, and color choices. Each step through the process adds more to the final project result.

customer idea > their story > sketches > colors > design > logo

The QuarterBound Press imprint was designed using the Adobe suite of tools. Read on to learn more about how a logo is designed. 


Some prospective clients present a list of questions that result in misdirected time and effort. This problem is seen where business managers haven’t had enough experience with a design firm. The issue here is speculative work. When a prospective customer asks for information such as thoughts and ideas regarding their project, this is called speculative work. Speculative work is work that is requested from a designer without a contract in place (to protect the customer and the designer). Speculative work is, without question, a growing concern in the field of design.

     QuarterBound Press will always ask a client to sign an agreement prior to performing work. Every client is entitled to a quality product and Quarter Bound Press does not engage in work based on speculation.

     Please click the ANTI SPEC icon to the left to read our “Letter to Prospective Clients”.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our policies.

                                                                          - K.A. Izbinski, Editor-in-Chief, QuarterBound Press


QuarterBound Press has customized projects for the public, corporations, and the private sector and educational institutions for over twenty-five years. Click on the PDF image (to the left) to see samples of work that has produced solid results for these corporations.has customized many projects for the public, corporations, and the private sector and educational institutions for over thirty years.

Read all about it.


The chief issue facing many authors is access to either the tools or someone with the tools to create a book that is designed professionally. QuarterBound Press works with the Adobe Suite and highly recommends that you have your book composited by an experienced designer. An experienced designer should either have a degree from a school of design, or has produced well-designed books through experience.

QuarterBound Press provides talent and skill to produce books that are well-crafted. Karen Izbinski is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and her primary interested is to bring consistency in design to every project. The Adobe Design Suite provides her with the tools to produce outdoor advertising, technical manuals, branding, and thought-provoking book design. Izbinski has also produced RoboHelp and other technical manuals to the corporate industry as a publishing expert. Where color management, typeface, and content matter, Izbinski designs content intended for its appropriate audience.

The Quarter Bound Press imprint.


QuarterBound Press can offer you a customized quote via e-mail. Please include your name, a phone number. and a description of what type of assistance your need with your project. I will offer you a general estimate delivered directly to your e-mail box within 72 hours.

* E-mail quotes are not firm prices, A consultation is required to produce an accurate rate.


Gift certificates are available in one and two-hour blocks to help the author closest to you learn more about publishing his/her book. Please contact us directly at 716-539-9059 for more information.

60-minute consultation      $125.00 USD

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Karen Izbinski is Editor-in-Chief of QuarterBound Press and a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. She has functioned as senior technical communications analyst at Kodak (Rochester, NY), as a copyrighter in the Western New York area and has served in the United States Marine Corps as a photojournalist at The Hawaii Marine. Izbinski’s technical, editorial, and creative skills provide process-oriented results for her clients.

Karen Izbinski

QuarterBound Press, Editor-in-Chief


QuarterBound Press understands how easy it is to work on the computer when you have the right resources. Click the button to the left to access resources that you may need to write your book. If you need any assistance compiling, designing, or editing your book, call us directly at 716-539-9059 and set up an appointment to discuss issues that are specific to your book.