Book, Looking Within: A Sociocultural Examination of Fetoscopy, Rochester, NY
Deborah Blizzard, Author
“Your suggestions worked perfectly. You were right on track. I wish I would have thought of how to do this aspect of research years ago. Thanks for taking time away from your project to help me with mine. I appreciate it greatly.”

Technical Manuals, Enterprise Architecture, Nissan Global, Springhill, TN

L. Lockett, Jr., Sr. Manager, Middleware

“Karen effectively communicated at all levels of the Nissan organization. She interviewed department managers, information architects, and data specialists to document their job roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions. Karen communicated this information directly to senior leadership with the goal of ensuring that the Nissan Information Services Department was properly aligned. Karen also assisted with the Global Architecture teams in Japan and Europe to capture and establish Reference Architecture documentation and templates.” 

Training System Improvements, Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

D. H Wherle, Training Manager

“Karen made great improvements to the Knowledge Management Enterprise Help system for all of us at Kodak...all 40,000 end users. She was just what Kodak needed.”

The Soleil, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Susan Soleil, Master Bookbinder

“Karen was able to tell me, in simple terms, how a web site works. She described what content would be included, how she would capture and create it, and how long it would take. The result,, is a web site that truly defines The Soleil Bookbindery and describes my services is simple terms. Karen resolved problems that would have created anxiety for me and she did this with style and grace.”

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At QuarterBound Press, our client list is comprised of regular names in industries as diverse as their requisitions. Some of the projects that QuarterBound Press has contributed includes consulting, training, and writing for SAP, ERP, RoboHelp, InDesign, and Lotus Notes projects. We are proud to display our customer list and letter of reference [partial list]. Speculative Work.

Newsletter, Supreme Court Chambers, Rochester, New York

Donald J. Mark, Supreme Court Judge

“Karen is very generous with her time and talent with our association and for our social affairs. She edited our monthly bulletin and has changed the format for the better. In the few years that she was with us, she has impressed all of the members with her integrity, diligence, and character. We relied upon her to perform the responsibilities assigned to her and this reliance has not been misplaced. She would soon become an asset to any company which recognizes her credentials, and I would recommend her to any organization to which she applies for a position.”

Brochure, Unitarian Church of Norfolk      re: Annual Auction

Norfolk, Virginia

by C.M. Michels, Choir Director

“At the last minute, Karen wrote, designed, and prepared a complicated brochure for us. She described the auction, the item descriptions, and prepared an auction program that included details that might have been missed by those of us on staff. If she hadn’t thought to include them in the brochure, they wouldn’t be there. The auction was a success thanks to her volunteer work.”

logo design, letterhead, rjs biologics, Seattle, WA

Steve McCraith, Senior Scientist

“Karen designed our logo and web page and has prepared several designs for a trademark logo for our new company.  She has delivered these designs expeditiously and within budget. She was interested and available for our input and suggestions. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with Karen as we continue to expand the rjs biologics operation.”

Book Design, The Great Quest, by Bill Gerken, Brentwood, Maryland

Deirdre Holder

“Specifically, in less than ten days, Karen took our raw computer files and professionally organized and prepared a 291-page volume that was ready for publication. She created parts, chapters, an extended Table of Contents, and included an Introduction and a Conclusion in the book. These were remarkable circumstances: a very short turnaround time, distance, and someone working independently with her own ideas. She selected a suitable typeface for the book, performed the layout and design, formatted the book in publishing software, and included notes, indented quotes, and tables. The latter went above and beyond our expectations.”

Newsletter, Cooper Marine Corps Post 603, Rochester, NY

Albert Brown

“ Adjutant and Editor of our newsletter...[Karen] has implemented many new ideas...  and her ideas have brought in revenue for the post. She has created a new layout and format of the monthly newsletter, The Scuttlebutt, and she has tripled the monthly output of the newsletter...her devotion to this post under my command is, without a doubt, representative of the professionalism she maintains in everything she does. I am proud to have Karen on my team.”

Soundtrack for Film: “Swapped”, Rochester, New York

Beth Bailey

“...Karen was chosen for several reasons...she had the technical expertise in which to complete the project in a timely fashion and she was able to describe in simple terms how to approach the project...[she also] brought other talent to [the] project including the grip, the assistant sound editor, a production assistant, and the hair designer.

     At the [movie] premiere, it was a surprise to both Karen and I when the first question from the audience was ‘Who did the soundtrack?’ The success of my film was due to a lot of work by an entire team but without the backdrop of the music that Karen created, it would have been an entirely different film.

     I would recommend her as a composer or sound designer or for any other project where the requirements are technical acumen, creativity, and professionalism.”

Audio transfer, cassette to CD, canadian songwriter, Canada

Robert Paterson

“Karen made the price affordable for me. It was a reasonable price. She did a great job  transforming the cassette tape of my performances. She transferred the data to a CD that is of excellent quality. I am very pleased with it and I will definitely use it. Thank you, Karen.”

Book Publication, Seeing Through Savernake, Chapel Hill, nc

Margaret H. Wharton

“There is no doubt that Karen can interpret, develop, and present an outstanding product to her customers. I feel that I have met my match and if I should ever decide to write another book, it is Karen who would be my choice to help make it happen.”

Monograph, Cultural Strategies Institute, Washington, D.C.

Lowell Christy

“Karen, Thank you for bringing such great beauty to your designs. It is good working with you. The world needs your ideas.” - Lowell Christy