An established designer will always provide the best solutions for a customer. When you don’t have the time to manage your project, Quarter Bound Press is ready to assist you. The goal is to direct and manage your project to your specifications.

    Quarter Bound Press cannot assist you with your project until a contract is in place. It would be unethical to provide a service to you with research that is generally based.

Letter to potential clients.

Dear Potential Client:

Quarter Bound Press would very much like to produce the materials (print, web, video, sound) for your project. I want to first address an industry concern that arises at the start of many projects. It is the issue of Speculative Work. Quarter Bound Press does not enter in to speculative activities and I would like to describe the reason for this in the paragraphs below. Speculative Work occurs in many industries but seems to be popular in the design industry. What it is, how it happens, and why I must decline work based on speculation is important at Quarter Bound Press.

     Please understand that designers consider poster and web design contests to fall in the category of speculative work. Quarter Bound Press will never engage a customer without a contract in place.

What is Speculative Work?

Speculative work is any work done on a speculative basis that provides a client with partial and uninformed opinions about their business. Speculative work involves approaching a designer/writer/editor with the intent to produce a solution to a situation where project gathering takes place...and where there is no intent to hire the designer/writer/editor.

How does Speculative Work happen?

Speculative work occurs when clients are unsuccessful solving a company problem on their own. A potential client will seek out the assistance from an advertising agency or design firm to produce a solution to a problem in a telephone conversation, a meeting, or in an e-mail.

Why is this approach considered speculative work?

Speculative work is any information that is given to a potential client without factual data. This approach is one that compromises the quality of work that you are entitled to and violates the ethical standard in the design profession worldwide.

Why does Quarter Bound Press take this position?

Speculative work is a form of information gathering techniques that does not provide the designer/writer/editor with enough details about a business and this is a blueprint for potential consequences. Speculative work does not create value to a client.

What approach does Quarter Bound Press take?

The American Institute for Graphic Arts, AIGA, is the nation’s largest and oldest professional association for design, of which Quarter Bound Press is a member. AIGA strongly discourages the practice of providing design work (solutions for free) to potential clients on a speculative basis. The business of design is to spell out clear objectives that meet specific goals that are developed between the client and designer. Speculative work demonstrates a lack of respect for the designer and reflects a lack of understanding of the design process. It is an  approach that reflects on our personal practices and professional reputation.

How should I request work from Quarter Bound Press?

The effective and ethical approach is to request samples of work from a design firm. Do not ask to see work that was created from previous assignments that are in your industry (unless the designer offers to show it). Most work that is performed at a design firm is created with a confidentiality agreement in place. Work on a project is started when a contract is signed.

This provides you with a strategic solution that fits your criteria with no assertions, opinions, or work that verges on speculation.

Work with Quarter Bound Press.

If you would like to work with our firm to develop a project that will benefit you most and maintain high business standards, please do not hesitate to contact us. Quarter Bound Press can provide a solution that will meet your expectations especially when there is an appropriate budget and schedule in place. A budget and schedule ensures a more effective, professional, and profitable process for everyone involved.

    I wish you best with your print, web, video, or sound design project. Please e-mail or call with specific requirements for your project.

Sincerely, K.A. Izbinski

AIGA Member, Member Since 2005

About AIGA

Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution. AIGA, the professional association for design, stimulates thinking about design, demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage of their careers. AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. For more information on AIGA, visit www.aiga.org.